Welcome to BOXCORP – The home of Boxman!

Welcome to our website! Here we sell posters and models of our flagship character Boxman.

Our posters are inspired by well known and less known things, from Titanic to Atlas. All of our poster come in default size of either 1920×1080 or 1080×1920 depending on the angle of the picture. Variable sizes include a small (1280×720/720×1280) and a large (3840×2160/2160×3840).

Boxman’s model was made using Blender and is fully rigged and ready for use. It was also used to create all the other products on sale.


For now, we only have a few items to sell, but we’re working hard to provide more quality products for You.

If You want to contact us, please, visit our Contact Us-page.
We also have a FAQ where you can find some already answered questions.