Patala Records

Patala Records (aka patalarec.) is a fictional Finnish record label
created solely for its website. It doesn’t actually exist, but if
it did, it would probaby publish experimental music, such as drone,
ambient, noise, post-rock, plunderphonics, etc.

Patala Records is an online company and will only release digital
versions of albums, though some exceptions may occur. Patala
Records focuses on bringing as many kinds of sonic experiences as
possible, with a wide variety of styles and genres. Due to the nature
of the releases, the albums will be sold for cheap, so that those
interested will be able to buy and listen to multiple albums at a time,
rather than having to restrict themselves to only choose one.

Currently Patala Records has 2 projects releasing under it, the metal
artist Hakita and the sound exploration project redherring., both of
which are one-man projects by the same artist.